Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I have had a small dilemma today. We have some cute photos of Katie from last Halloween, dressed in an "Elizabeth Swann" costume (from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies). Katie was not altogether satisfied with her look, so I am not going to post those photos. I'd like to, but I want to respect her wishes.

David decided not to dress up or go out for "trick or treat" this year. He did go to a party over the weekend, and they all got into costumes there, but no one is dressing up here today.

We don't usually get alot of trick-or-treaters at our house, because we live on a road with lots of fairly long, dark driveways. Our friend & neighbor, Joanne, brought her wonderful Corgi, Beamer, over in his "Superman" costume. We gave him the last of our pork roast with gravy for his Halloween treat.

I am not a real "dog-person;" I have only had cats as pets. There are a few dogs, however, who have made an impression on my heart, and Beamer is one of them. Kudos also go to Rosie, Lily, and Rusty. Having Beamer come for tricks (he did a number from his repertoire) & treats was a fun way to enjoy the Halloween spirit.

Joanne is a massage & bodywork therapist. She has years of experience and great compassion. Massage has been a real help to me during the stress and grief of these months. I am not doing Pilates as I used to, but am walking every day, instead of running. I still go about 3 miles, but it's at a much slower pace. Everything seems to need to be gentle right now.

The ovens have been repaired, but the microwave is still broken & a new one has been ordered. The dryer is not working; it is awaiting a verdict of either new parts or replacement. The piano needs to be serviced. It's funny, how many things are broken now...


Karla W. said...

Beamer is a doll. I had Corgis growing up and we had a Corgi named Willy who unfortunately got sick beyond reasonable treatment and had to be put to sleep two weeks before Sammie was born. I'll have to post a photo on my blog so you can see him. Corgis hold a special place in my heart. :) Congrats on getting the oven to work again...we're still waiting.


Sam Tsang said...

superdog! go corgi :)

Meril said...

It was amazing to me how many things in Mom and Dad's house, and our lives broke after Tyler's death. I have heard that many times over from others as well. Hmmm, guess we don't know everything yet.

Go with gentle. I think of you and hold you all there in my thoughts and prayers,