Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Enjoying Autumn

To every one who has served in the military forces for the United States of America, Thank you. I know that "freedom isn't free." We cannot "catch" it from others, and it is not "given" to all human beings to live in a free country. Though each of us has freedom within (as unique creations of our Creator), not everyone has the privilege to live freely. For that privilege in this time and place, paid for by your sacrifice, dear veterans, I thank you.
The last time I visited the Bloedel Reserve, I was rewarded with the pleasure of rich, intense colors of the remaining leaves on deciduous trees, and the patterns they created on the ground. I expect that the next visit will reveal many changes wrought by the high winds and heavy rains of autumn.
Just now, we are enjoying gorgeous, cold, clear days here in Western Washington. This was the view as the setting sun painted high clouds a tender pink, and a lone boat struggled against wind, whitecaps and current.
The wind caused widespread power outages that day.

On Saturday morning, I awoke early to this sunrise view...
It was a perfect day for a trip to Port Townsend. We never tire of walking through that town and the surrounding area.
This is the view looking over the old military buildings and parade ground. If it looks familiar, you might be remembering it from the movie, "An Officer and a Gentleman." Mt. Rainier looms on the horizon, faintly visible and wreathed in clouds.
If you had to make a caption for this photo, what would it be?
The deer were enjoying an apple-feast under that tree; not timid at all!
We walked around the marinas, and admired the craftsmanship of many wooden boats, especially the sailing ship Adventuress.
We saw tiles with messages from supporters of the maritime center.
Good advice.
I colorized the mermaid tile using Picasa.
I am thankful that Gregg and I still have so much fun doing something which is free of charge and open to anyone, which we enjoyed from the very first days we met. There is something comforting in the fact that, as much as our lives have changed during these 25+ years, this simple pleasure remains for us to enjoy again and again, in different places, seasons and moods.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

You and Gregg certainly are inspiring; so glad you enjoy the simplicity of everyday together. Autumn in your area is absolutely gorgeous!!!
I do believe the deer were saying to you: "come, enjoy, we've plenty of apples to share!"