Friday, September 19, 2014

"You Never Know How Much Good You Do"

I am a regular reader of Stephanie Nielsen's NieNie Dialogues. Today, I read one of her posts which contained a message that moved me to tears. It takes about 8 minutes to watch; I encourage you to make time to do so, because it will remind you of the value in even the smallest (perhaps invisible) moments of our daily lives.

I am deeply, tearfully thankful that, in spite of all of the difficulties we face (as Americans, and as citizens of the world), we are free in this land to worship as we are led by conscience. I wish this freedom for all who long for it, and especially for those who are persecuted for it.

I am thankful that, though I am not a member of the Mormon church or the Catholic church or a Jewish synogogue or a Muslim mosque, I am free to read, listen and learn from the best of any or all traditions, as I am led, and to be blessed by the goodness in all children of our Heavenly Father/Mother.

Whatever name is natural to us by which to call on Him/Her, if we dare to realize that the River of Love is flowing through all creation, we may see that it flows for everyone, and we can step into it and be blessed together.
I guess you could say that my "religion" is love; Love is what I worship and strive to practice in daily living. That is not to say that I succeed in every way, or every day - far from it. But I am a sister of all who worship God, who is Love.

You may never know whose life you touch today with your smallest, simplest act of kindness. I hope this little video message, eight minutes long, encourages you in love. Thank you, NieNie, for encouraging me!


Ann said...

Great message shared by Stephanie, great message shared by you! xo

Sylvia Castleman said...

Love this Karen - thank you!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a beautiful message; yours and the video as well. This has brightened my day and my heart.