Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Neighborhood

This rhododendron is the pride and joy of our neighborhood. The story goes that its relative, located about 1/2 block away, was taken from a cutting of the same "parent" plant. Here is the sister:
Every year, we watch for the first buds and blossoms on both of these beauty queens. Every year, their daily progress is a joy to behold. The color, shape and size of each blossom is truly extraordinary. Each one is like a bouquet in itself.
We recently gathered to honor a couple of beloved neighbors who are moving. Happily, they are staying in our town - only moving a few miles away. Melanie, (the wife) is our "neighborhood watch" captain, and on this occasion, we thanked her for her diligent work and presented her with a magic wand in recognition of all she has accomplished. There are always lots of jokes about Gladys Kravitz as we participate in the neighborhood watch, but truly, there hasn't been any of that kind of nosiness or busybody behavior, and a very positive tone has been set by Melanie.

An example of what great people she and her husband are: several months ago, they invited friends to help them pack up their enormous wine cellar, offering to provide pizza and salad as dinner for the movers. When we showed up to help, they generously gave us all the wine that we could carry out. Many cases of wine were given away in kindness, and with a great sense of surprise and fun!
At the going-away party, it was suggested that we gather for a group photo under the rhododendrons. I thought that was a lovely idea, but the spring rains have made that impossible for this year - the moment of best bloom has passed. The good news is that there is always next year - those rhodies are here to stay.
Dessert table, with a book for everyone to sign for the guests of honor
The party was a delightful potluck - a great opportunity to catch up with all of our neighbors. In addition to food, we brought a pitcher of Mint Juleps, in honor of the fact that it was the day of the Kentucky Derby. What fun to see those who had never tasted a Julep enjoying their first sip! Thanks to Janis and David for hosting!

A few more floral pleasures from our neighborhood:
I love the spaces where flowers spring up, the wild ones alongside of domestic: iris, roses, buttercups, forget-me-nots and others (unknown to me), growing by the roadside are a treat for the eyes.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

Your neighbors and your neighborhood family is something to be admired. What a lovely party….I'm sure you'll keep in touch. I have some nice friends….but none of mine would give away all their wine; neither would I!! LOL!
Love all the pretty blooms.