Monday, August 20, 2012

The Party

My brother and I asked my parents how they would like to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, and they told us they would like to have a party for their closest friends.

The past 18 months have been hard for my parents and their friends; at least half a dozen of their group have passed away. When you live to be in your 80s, it is likely that you will endure the passing of some friends, but it is still a blow to the heart, every time it happens. The cumulative effect of so many memorial services has been hard. A gathering to celebrate a happy occasion was welcome.

My parents are natives of Seattle, and some of their friendships go as far back as grade school. That is something to think about, right there. To live in a community, to know people and share memories that far back is a rare blessing.

Jim, Caroline, Gregg and I discussed the menu and divided the responsibilities, and the result was a happy evening. We had a slideshow of photos, beginning with their wedding day and continuing through this summer; chocolate favors, seashell centerpieces, a dreamy cake, beautiful flowers, delicious food ("surf and turf") and a gathering of good friends and family.

There were toasts, good wishes and joy all around. My parents are very happy...and that makes me happy.

From the slideshow:
Bride & groom glowing after the ceremony
Mom's father, Morton, and mother, Emilie, with Mom & Dad
Cousins Margaret and Leslie, friends Elaine and Marjorie, Dad, Mom, Morton (Coco), Nana Edna (my dad's mother - isn't she beautiful?) and Nana Emilie
…and from the party Sunday night:
Anniv 034
David, me, Gregg, Dad, Jim, Mom, Caroline, Phil, Rachel
Anniv 002
Gregg, Dad, Mom & David before cocktail hour begins
Anniv 004
Seashell cake (from New Renaissance Cakes)
Anniv 006
Phil & his beautiful girlfriend, Rachel, who came up from California for the party
Anniv 009
Lovely ladies: Caroline and Mom
Anniv 011
Elsa, Patsy & me (Patsy was my teacher in PRESCHOOL)
Anniv 013
Mom & friends
Anniv 019
Caroline, Jim & friends
Anniv 020a
Mom, Dad & friends
Anniv 023
Gregg, me with friends. All three of the couples at our table have been married over 60 years!
Anniv 029
The happy couple cutting their cake

 2012-08-19 16.04.54
Homemade centerpiece

Happy 60th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!


Elizabeth said...

I am always struck by the sheer physical beauty of your family, Karen, particularly your parents. And then I notice all of your radiance -- it's really very powerful!

P.S. That cake!!!!!

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

I have so much to say : ) Your parents are such a stylish couple. The bridesmaid's hats are too fine for words. The cake was fantastic. You all look so happy. And you, my Dear, are smiling from way down inside of your heart. And I love that for you at this happy occasion. You really are blessed, you still know that, and I love that about you. xoxo to you, my very special friend.

Clippy Mat said...

Karen, I can see where you inherited your grace and beauty. What a wonderful occasion, and so heartwarming. Congratulations to your family.

Caron's Beach House said...

What a wonderful party for your parents!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your centerpieces came out so lovely!!!! What a party for your favorite peeps....congratulations to them both!
Love the photos then and now; I've said it before and I'll say it come from good peeps! {inside and OUT}

What a blessing.

ChiTown Girl said...


That sums up this entire post! Your family is just so stunningly beautiful. The happiness just oozes from each and every smiling face.

Your parents are just so blessed to have spent 60 years in wedded bliss.

Not only are your parents some snappy dressers, their friends are, too! :)

I LOVE the centerpieces! I vaguely remember you posting about making them quite a while ago. They turned out beautifully.

Happy, happy anniversary to your parents!

Karen said...

Spectacular event down to every detail. Your parents have to feel very loved and honored. Congratulations to them for showing the rest of us how to do it well.

AnnDeO said...

What a beautiful celebration. Your mother's dress is exquisite and the centerpieces too. What a wonderful gathering of family and friends.

Kay said...

Love...all of it. Love the centerpiece. And the cake. And the wedding pics. And the smiles...then and now. : ) I'm so glad you could put together such a special day for your parents.

I began to see these things your parents are enduring...losing long time my parents aged. It was hard. : (