Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Been Happening

This post contains a little bit of what's been happening here, lately...
David has begun working at his summer job, taking new responsibilities as part of the boats' crew. I've been getting up to make breakfast for him before he goes to catch the ferry to Seattle and on to work.

Our NYC Cosmopolitan magazine-editor friend, Anna, returned to Seattle to give two book readings. The one in Poulsbo at Liberty Bay Books was so much fun; Anna gave us a real look at the world of N.Y. publishing. We had so many questions that she didn't even have time to read from her book!

After the book event, we hosted a little party here so that Anna's local friends could gather, catch up with her and celebrate her success. Of course, I forgot to take any photos. Fortunately, Paul Dudley came (fresh from shooting a wedding, with his son Miles) and took this shot of Leslie, Shelli, me and Anna (holding her new book, "Wrecked"):
Pretty great stuff, considering we're a group of people who met through a camp for children who have cancer. This is not a depressing crowd!

Gregg is now working with suppliers from Spain and France. He is going to hand off the Italian work package, but still covers that when others are traveling or on vacation. He loves working with overseas suppliers and traveling to their plants.

I am sending out information about my book to nursing schools all across the country. I'm also working to shepherd the DVDs through the last few "gates" so that we can edit them further. The next step will be to share them with other hospitals and groups who want to/need to learn about family-centered care.
David worked overnight this weekend (a graduation cruise), and kind-hearted Laura and Tom invited him to "crash" at their house when he got off work at 3:00 A.M. (there is no ferry service at that hour). He never did go to sleep; Tom got up at 4:30 and they went golfing at dawn! Then they took the ferry & came over here for lunch; David went to bed after we ate, and slept for about 16 hours. Tom, Laura, Gregg and I went to the Harbour House Pub to raise a glass in honor of Laura's father, Moe Drabowsky (Sunday was the anniversary of his passing).

Due to mobile phone issues, I am now on my fourth Droid 3 this year. Each one has had a problem with one thing:  the camera, the keyboard, the opening/closing mechanism. Fortunately, this one seems to be okay. I've been testing the camera on each phone, and here are some of the results, tweaked (for fun) in Picasa:
Native Americans launching a canoe on the beach near our home
Latte insisted on taking a walk with us.
He went 1/2 mile and started panting like a dog,
so we turned around, and I carried him most of the way home.
We planted some new lavender.
There has been so much rain here that everything is growing like crazy.
I love playing with these photo filters.
Neighbors' roses make a nice contrast against their shed.
Maribeth made a lightning-fast visit to Poulsbo after her daughter's graduation from college. Taylor has accepted a job at Seattle Children's Hospital after graduating cum laude from Seattle U., and we couldn't be happier for her. After one day & night here (complete with our favorite Thai take-out dinner and a visit with Gregg, David and the cats), MB has returned to the city, and will be on her way back to Kansas tomorrow. It's always wonderful to sit on our couch and talk into the night, and then resume the discussion in the morning over coffee in our p.j.s. God was so good to bring us together 12 years ago, and to allow us to share our lives since then. She is a treasured friend.

The coming weekend will bring a visit from blog-friends from Ohio, and Father's Day celebrations. Meanwhile, back to work on marketing "Because of Katie."
Thank you for your orders from the Pampered Chef fundraiser, Elizabeth & Karen!


Anna Davies said...

Dear Karen, I was just thinking about how I didn't take any pictures at your house, either! That was so much fun and it was so great to see your house and family IRL! Love you! You and Gregg should come to NYC :) xo

kell said...

Hi Karen, you look so busy! Your photos are really great, love them, especially with your little walking friend Latte, just gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend!

Kay said...

Great pics! I love that the cat went for a walk..sort of. That is too funny.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You certainly do have wonderful friends...and that makes me happy!
Glad all is well in your world. Busy, but well.
Do you ever travel with Gregg?
That latte is a funny the photos!