Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flowers and the Hope Gala

I am not going to complain about our weather. I am not going to complain about the failure of 2 different Verizon mobile phones, or the faults of the 3rd one (2nd replacement), or the hours spent troubleshooting and re-programming them. I will instead show you what Picasa can do (and did!) with mobile phone photos which were taken on a sunny day here (last week). We're focusing on the positive here:
Neighbor's shed & roses
close-up of roses
a different angle of the same two, with buttercups below
again, wow!
On Saturday evening, I went to the Museum of Flight to share in the biggest night (to date) of my friend Leslie's life: her speech in support of Camp Goodtimes West at the American Cancer Society's Hope Gala. Leslie is a two-time cancer survivor who also lives with epilepsy, and she was recently featured in the July issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine (pages 118-119), in an interview and a gorgeous photo by Paul Dudley Photography! It's a pretty big month for Leslie. You can read more in her blog (see my sidebar, "Living It Up with Leslie!").

Some very generous friends of Leslie donated three entire tables to the Hope Gala so that she could be surrounded by love as she stood to speak. All three tables were full of her Camp Goodtimes West friends - the camp which is supported by the American Cancer Society. We were there to help illustrate Leslie's words about the Camp Family, as well as to share in her joy at being able to give something back to the camp that means so much to her.

Leslie, or "Pineapple" - her camp name - tells her story so well that you should hear it from her, in her own words. Here she is, giving her speech:

You can also follow these links to:
Her speech on her blog, as she wrote it
Her evening according to photographer and videographer, Paul "Mooselips" Dudley

Leslie's words inspired the crowd to give over $50,000 to Camp Goodtimes West!

A few photos borrowed from Paul Dudley Photography's coverage of the event:
Paul's beautiful wife Heidi, Anna (who has a brand-new book out, called "Wrecked"), Leslie & her mom (Lynn), me
Camp Goodtimes West was well-represented
What happens anytime Paul calls out "NINJA!"
Dinner in the Museum of Flight
Leslie giving her speech
Leslie's positive attitude and strength of spirit are a blessing & inspiration to all who know her. Well done, friend!


Elizabeth said...

Wow. What a gorgeous woman in every way! I was truly inspired by her -- watched the entire video and was moved to tears. I am so grateful for this camp and all those involved.

Leslie said...

Karen, I am speechless (pun intended.)::wink:: Thank you for such a wonderful blog post about a very special night. I am so glad you could make it! I couldn't have asked for a better Camp Goodtimes Family there to support me :)

Karen said...

Stunning evening, in every way. What good you all do for the world. You are the best.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh...what a moving speech. She is amazing...I'm so glad you shared this. She has obliviously, touched a lot of people in her life, and now she has touched my heart as well.

kell said...

Thank you for sharing this Karen, it's all amazing, all of you. The roses are as well!

AnnDeO said...

I wish I could have been there. What an inspiring and joyful evening. And the setting itself is inspiring.