Thursday, April 26, 2012

While I Await the Arrival of a New Washing Machine is our news:
- our 12-year old clothes-washing machine broke down (apparently, it lived longer than most)
- our yard has had its spring cleaning
- our house has had its spring cleaning
- Gregg and I washed the front windows
- the sun shone for several days before our weather reverted to "April Showers"
- we attended a fun benefit for the Seattle Children's Theater (my sister-in-law is on the board)
- we hosted a party in honor of 4 friends' birthdays (for 22 people), for which
     - I made 4 pans of lasagne
     - I baked two Chocolate Stout Cakes
- after the party, most of the crowd went to the bowling alley for Rock'N'Bowl (black lites and rock music while you bowl)
- after Rock'N'Bowl, some of the group went on to a karaoke bar (we went home to bed)
That lower-left photo is the bowling scorecard for some of the gang.
Don't you just love their names?
- my dad and I are working on marketing "Because of Katie," using custom-made postcards - dad is writing to newspapers and I am targeting nursing schools and teaching hospitals (there are 400+ in the US alone!)
- I am trying to stay OFF of facebook for a few weeks, and it is not easy. It is the preferred way for so many of my peeps to communicate (much more popular than phone or email), and I have been going through withdrawal. I am still on for messages and Guild business, so it's a little bit tricky.
I'm wearing this bracelet to help me remember to stay off of fb
I hope you have a wonderful week!


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my, you guys sure know how to celebrate a birthday! If I fly out in a few weeks for mine, can we do exactly the same thing? :)

Elizabeth said...

I'd love to help you market the book here in Los Angeles -- I know several families who have children that either have or have had cancer, and I know I could enlist them. Let me know...

Busy Bee Suz said...

I could relate to a few of those bowling names. :)
You hosted a party for 22? You guys rock.
I'm ready to take a break from FB and maybe blogging too??? tis very scary for me.
Best of luck on the marketing, you have a good team.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I hope you love your new washer. :)