Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We delivered the video (and some books) to the hospital today. I feel as if I just gave birth to twins.

It's been a year since we began this project. Paul & I started filming here at our house last March, then filmed again, then interviewed eight members of Katie's care team, then edited, did a little voice-over, and then countless hours of editing on Paul's part...and we now have four videos of about an hour in length (each), telling our family's story, with a view to teaching family-centered care to medical professionals.
Look at these beautiful presentation boxes and covers that Paul made
Who thinks of things like this? Paul does. A book tie-in and individual photographic labels for each disc.
I have to say what an INCREDIBLY FABULOUS hospital we have here, and what INCREDIBLY FABULOUS people are at the helm. They not only embraced our project; they PAID Paul to make it (I didn't take a salary). What we have is something that we are both rather proud of making. It is Katie's story, our family's story, a gift of "thanks" to the hospital staff for all they have done to help each one of us. It is also a glimpse into how the staff were affected by knowing and treating Katie, and by her medical case. There are numerous "GOLD" teaching moments which blew us away as we were interviewing the team, and we hope and believe that those moments will be priceless in teaching new doctors (and other staff) what more-experienced staff (mentors) think and feel as they care for a patient who is critically ill.

After Katie passed away, I began to pray for meaningful work. As a full-time stay-at-home mom, my work was pretty much completed when David left for college. God, in His enormous grace, has given an answer to my prayer; Thank You, Heavenly Father. This video (and the book which came from it) comprise a work of heart that I couldn't have even imagined five years ago. I pray You will use it to bless Your children.

Thanks to Seattle Children's Hospital (especially Dr. Bruder Stapleton and Dr. Doug Diekema) and to Paul Dudley Photography for an opportunity and an adventure which has also become an education.

On a different topic:
Several wonderfully generous and thoughtful people brought flowers, wine and cards to the book event on Friday. I wish I knew who brought what, so I could thank each person properly, but I don't know who all of these wonderful folks are. To Reba: thank you for the card and flowers. To Angela: thank you for the card and flowers. To whoever brought the wine and flowers: thank you! If I missed anything or anyone, thank you!

This gorgeous glassybaby, called "Truffle," was brought by Janna, who I met through Camp Goodtimes. Thank you, Janna!


shauna said...

What a gift you have given the medical team...


Elizabeth said...

This is fantastic, Karen. As a person who has worked for many years trying to improve family-centered care for children with special healthcare needs, I can firmly attest to the incredible need for such material and hope that it will be disseminated all over the country!

Congratulations, Karen. I am so proud of what you've done and accomplished. What a light you are --

Busy Bee Suz said...

You prayed and the meaningful work found YOU!
You've done good....actually you've done amazingly!
What a difference you are making in the lives of many.

Karen said...

Twins, indeed. I can't believe you have finished two enormous projects. They are truly a gift to the world. What's next for you, Karen? The world is waiting...:)
Love, Karen East