Friday, March 9, 2012

Merci * Thank You

Thank you to each one who thought, prayed, lit a candle,
remembered, called, emailed,
sent a facebook message, card, flowers and/or
wrote here in honor of
Katie's birthday.
It was the best one so far, since she has passed.
I was very busy working and catching up at home
after a wonderful week, packed with good events.
The best part was sitting down with Gregg on the couch,
and going through our photo albums,
beginning with my pregnancy and going through her life.
We stopped at the time when she got sick, which was just right for us on her birthday.
Your prayers, thoughts and words helped.
Merci beaucoup, from my heart to yours.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Those days will never be easy....but it is nice to take the time to reflect on the wonderful-ness of Katie. {Do you like my made up words?}
Sending big hugs and strength alllll the way from Florida to my favorite family in WA!

Elizabeth said...

You are welcome.


kario said...

I finished the book yesterday in the tub on a grey, rainy afternoon in Seattle and was glad for the extra water for my tears to fall into. What a lovely tribute to your daughter this book is (and your life since, it sounds like)! I will write a review on Amazon and my website and want you to know that I think this book will change so many lives.

Thank you.

Karen said...

It helps to have others who care, doesn't it. Hugs, sweet mama.