Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Give-Away Winners!

Elizabeth has announced the winners of the book give-away over at her blog, a moon, worn as if it had been a shell on her original posting. Congratulations to both of the winners!

If you didn't win a book this time, don't give up - there will be another give-away on another blog, which I will announce here soon.


Anonymous said...

I won one of the books that Elizabeth was giving away.

I'm a nursing student at Shadyside School of Nursing in Pittsburgh, PA. At 41 years of age, I'm a non-traditional student. I'm also the mom of a special needs child, which is how I originally found Elizabeth's blog.

I lack the writing skills to properly express to you how much your book meant to me. At school, they try to stress over and over "patient-centered care." Since my son has spent some time in the hospital over the years, I thought I had a good grasp of what that meant - and of the kind of nurse I want to be. I wasn't very far into your book when I realized that I still have a LOT to learn - that "some" time in the hospital so very different from actually living there, taking care of your very sick child, your other child, keeping a connection with your husband and on top of it all, trying to keep your emotions from overwhelming you entirely.

As a mother, the book shattered my heart. As a nursing student, it enlightened and inspired me. And I wish that I had been fortunate enough to know Katie. I simply cannot wrap my head around everything that your family went through. That you chose to share it is such a gift. Thank you.

I am planning on lending my copy of your book to one of my instructors, and letting them know about the DVDs. I don't know what will come of that, but I hope that they will find a way to incorporate your story into our curriculum. Thank you again for sharing your story with me.

-Julia O'Connell

karen gerstenberger said...

Dear Julia,
I want you to know how much your comment means to me. I have hoped that the winners of the give-away (and all who read the book) will be blessed by reading it. I know that the story has its painful places (how well I know!), and it is always reassuring to hear that it was worth it to the reader to continue reading to the end. For it doesn't end with Katie's passing, does it? Our hope goes on in a new way - not the hope of a cure for her now, but hope for new & better treatments for others, and the hope of helping and encouraging those in your field by sharing my perspective.
Thank you for encouraging me with your words. I have a good feeling that you will be a fabulous nurse. Blessings to you.