Friday, December 2, 2011

Too Busy to Write?

Yes, I've been too busy to write - seriously. I've been writing on Katie's Comforters Guild's blog, writing "thank you" letters, writing emails and Christmas cards - so I've been writing, but not here.

Please do check out the latest news at Katie's Comforters Guild. It will make you smile.

One reason I've been too busy to write is the fact that we went to California for the week of Thanksgiving, David's birthday and my mother's birthday. 
I gave these napkins to my mother for the obvious reason.
There was a lot of this...
...and this.

Gregg and I at one of our favorite restaurants - Las Casuelas Terrazas, with live music and outdoor seating. I LOVE this place, and their margaritas.
Dad & Mom at Las Casuelas.

There was a lot of this...
...and this
and this.
Visiting with our friend, Norm, on Thanksgiving. We were so glad that he could join us this year!
And now, for even more reasons to smile, look at what I received today:
the proof of my book - all 267 pages of it!
If I'm not updating here, it's because I am editing this baby.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Elizabeth said...

WOO HOO! The book! Wowza! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to read it.

Also, that margarita or whatever kind of drink is in front of you looks larger than your head. Did you drink it all yourself? :)

karen gerstenberger said...

Thank you! Yep, that's my pre-flight margarita, Elizabeth! Tradition...and it's a good one. ;)Next time you're in P.S., you might want to visit - the food is great, too!

Allegra Smith said...

As I told you last night, I cannot wait to cuddle that baby :) Counting the days, and looking forward to the weekend. Bloom where you are planted, blogs always can wait.

Ellen said...

Oh so exciting!!!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The book!!! THE BOOK!!!! All your hard work, love and dedication!!!! I can't wait for it to be done.....I hope the editing is easy for you.
Your vacation/Thanksgiving looks amazing....those BLUE skies, the drinks, the smiling peeps....ALL good!!!
Take your time and do what you do.

Kay said...

So excited to see THE BOOK. : ) Love all the smiling faces and wonderful memories made recently. Hugs! : )

ChiTown Girl said...

THE BOOK! I'm so excited for you!

I'm glad you were able to spend the holiday in CA, visiting with loved ones. I'm a little jealous of the goldfish bowl full of margarita you enjoyed. ;-)

Karen said...

What timing! Your own perfect little Christmas gift. I am in awe of actual proof. Almost the real thing! So very close, and only a few more steps to the finish line. Your PS trip looked delightful and much like the perfect rest, though you may need another after the book is DONE! You've earned your existence this year, my friend! To infinity and beyond.
Much love and congratulations.

AnnDeO said...

Oh I need that source for the napkins. Very funny. And congrats on the book. What a labor of everything good.