Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy, Busy Weekend

Grandpa's Birthday Cake (custom-made at Town & Country Thriftway,
 on Bainbridge Island)
We had a busy, busy weekend!

On Thursday, Smiley Girl (a.k.a. Laura of Live Happy) brought seven of her dear relatives over to our side of the Sound. I met them at the ferry, and took a few of the party in my car as we made our way to my town. We had a delicious lunch at Paella Bar, followed by some shopping in downtown Poulsbo. Then we made a quick trip to see the "YaYa House" (where author Rebecca Wells used to live, on our street) and a stop by our house for a visit with Gregg, before they set out for the ferry trip back to the city. I love Laura, and her family is just as warm, fun and friendly as she is - it was such fun to spend the afternoon with them and show them around our little town.

Early on Friday morning, I had a telephone meeting with a consultant from CreateSpace,'s self-publishing area. Together, we outlined the next steps in moving my book from manuscript form to a listing on! But before that happens, a few important things deserve attention, and so our weekend was busy - and fun.

First, I had a lunch date with my dad. We went to the bookstore after lunch, and then to Mora's local ice cream shop, where we sat on a bench in the sun and chatted as we enjoyed our cones. After that, I took Dad home, and Andrea and her beautiful dog, Sam, arrived to stay at our house on Friday night.

Saturday, we hosted Gregg's dad's 90th birthday party here. Andrea and Mike were our co-hosts, and they were fabulous at it.
My dad, BIL Charlie and nephew Mike
Joni, Andrea and her mom, SIL Cheri
Grandma Elaine and cousin Sue
Mike, Katy, Megan, Gregg, Rob, Zoie, Julie, Andrea, Mike, Hollie, Joey & Shannon (in-laws, nieces, nephews, great-great niece, etc.!)
Niece Robin, SIL Linda, nephew Joey & his girlfriend Shannon
Nephews Jim & Joey paddled over to our house from Bainbridge Island on Jim & Joni's paddle boards - quite a feat!
This is David, giving the board a try.
Nephews Jim & Joey, Joey's girlfriend Shannon, Jim's girlfriend Joni, & niece Marcy
We had more than 30 family members here to celebrate Grandpa Ed's 90 years of life. The party started at 2:00 in the afternoon, and ended around midnight, with a beach fire and roasted marshmallows. As I walked down the torch-lit path to the beach, I felt a surge of gratitude.
David & cousin Julie
Cousin Martin & my mom
My dad, SIL Joan, BIL Jim & great-nephew Bobby
Grandpa Ed, BIL Bill & newphew Brant
Sitting down on the bulkhead, listening to the waves lap on the beach, watching the moon rise, and seeing the stars reflected in the still water made me happy - and thankful - to live in such a place, and be able to share with our relatives. Chatting and laughing with David, Gregg, our nieces and nephews late into the night was a gift. I love our big, extended family.
SIL Linda, BIL Bill, niece Marcy & her husband, Wil, great-niece Lindsay, in-law Mike
Grandpa Ed and Grandma Elaine, just before cutting the cake

On Sunday morning, we cleaned up and said goodbye to Andrea, Mike and Sam, took a walk, and then dressed to go pick up my parents for a treat. Part of our anniversary gift to them was an Argosy Cruise to Tillicum Village on Blake Island, with Charlotte. We had all been looking forward to it, and it lived up to our expectations - and exceeded them.
Mom, Gregg, Charlotte, Dad, me and David.
Argosy always takes a photo before you board the boat.

Tillicum Village is Argosy's longhouse on Blake Island, commemorating and celebrating the Coast Salish Native American culture. After a 45-minute cruise from Seattle to the island, there is a shaman's presentation, with stories from the old days, traditional dancing and dinner (clams in broth, smoked salmon, venison stew, berry cobbler dessert, etc.) and time to walk around and enjoy the beauty of the setting. Blake Island is a state park with a small marina, trails, campsites and picnic areas.

The sun was going down behond the Olympic Mountains as we rode in the boat back to Seattle. It was a treat, and especially fun for us, as this is the place where David has worked for the past three summers. We enjoy meeting his co-workers and admiring what they do.
Watching the traditional way of smoking salmon (before we ate it).
Speaking of Charlotte, the generosity of her naming Katie's endowment in her husband Fred's memorial notice continues to touch people. Five more donations have been received this month!

Today, David and I caught the ferry back to Seattle to do some school-clothes shopping. We made the rounds of Nordstrom's Rack, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, GAP, Old Navy, NikeTown and Brooks Brothers, with a stop for lunch at Nordstrom's Grill. There were lots of things from which to choose (and good sale prices). Wowza - the guy can shop, and he has good taste! I'm tired, and off to bed now - sweet dreams to you...


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful weekend!!! Grandpa Ed looks amazing. I would have never guessed he's 90.

I'm so jealous that you got to see my Laura and her family. Well, ok, I'm really happy for you guys, but still... ;-)

Kay said...

What a lovely weekend. Your descriptions of the water and the land where you live leave me green with envy sometimes. Just so neat to have such beauty right on your door step! : ) And I love the cake too...birthday wishes are in order. Such precious pics of so many that are special to you. I see why you were tired and off to bed..what a whirlwind. So glad you could see the beauty in it and enjoy all the special moments during your lovely weekend. Hugs! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't think you could have fit ONE more thing into your weekend Karen. The party looks smashing....the cake is awesome. Happy birthday to such a good looking YOUNG man. :)
I love when things are going on and in the midst of it, you can find a moment to realize HOW lucky we are...the gift of gratitude is a blessing.
David is a professional shopper....I love that.

Leslie (Pineapple) said...

What a beautiful family you have! Thanks for sharing about the special party.

Go Zags! :)

See you in September to honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Much Love,