Monday, November 15, 2010

A New Banner: Basa Body

I don't host advertisements here - have you noticed? Today, there is one exception: I have put a banner ad on the sidebar for a company called Basa Body. I learned about this company on cjane's blog, and decided to try the products, because I love-love-love coconut, and because the company is helping women in Africa to develop a cottage industry toward their own self-sufficiency. Both of those things added up to me ordering soap, the coconut body stick and a tube of the coconut body lotion. Oh YUM-yum-YUM:  the products are luscious. So now, I am telling you about them. If you are looking for a natural, gentle moisturizer or soap, click the link and check out Basa Body products. They offer a discount on your first order - just in time for the holidays.


Elizabeth said...

I'm going to check it out!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love coconut too!!!!!

Karen said...

I love, love, love coconut too...thanks for the tip and the chance to also help African women.
Hugs to you today.

rebecca said...

i love cottage industries that help others towards independence and security.
and coconut?

AnnDeO said...

Coconut is the best! I'll have to try this out.

Mary Potts said...

ooooh, sounds wonderful! I may have to splurge cuz I think I'm worth it!!!