Friday, November 12, 2010

Bainbridge Review Publishes the Letter

Remember THIS posting?
The Bainbridge Island newspaper, The Review, published it.
(The only inaccuracy in their version is that I don't live on Bainbridge now - my parents do - so, as a family, we still have property there, but Gregg and I live in the next town.)


Mary Potts said...

Way to go Karen! So glad your sensible voice can now be appreciated by all those readers.
Thanks again for your support over my way. Have a great weekend.

Robin said...

You go, girl!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, wow! I wonder what the responses will be?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am thrilled that you wrote this AND sent it. Dang that woman...she has no idea who she has messed with.
I really have thought about this scenario since you wrote about it.
I can only hope she reads this in the paper and then gets a huge and painful cold sore. As a bonus: a nasty hangnail. Right?

Clippy Mat said...

Too bad that she felt that way and made you feel upset about it. If she'd given you a smile and a wave she could've made a good friend or a friendly passing acquaintance. Her loss.

Lakeland Jo said...

good to see you in print Karen- a book next?

Jabacue said...

Now maybe someone will 'take heed' of what is happening there. Good for you Karen.