Friday, October 8, 2010

Busy Week, Sleepy Friday Night

It's been such a busy week - I'm tired, and just about ready to go to bed. But first, a recap:
Monday, I called in (this is my new, part-time job) to find out the specials at Burrata Bistro & Paella Bar. I do this every day, and post the updates (when there are updates) on facebook. We had Gregg's parents and his eldest sister, Linda, and brother-in-law, Bill over for dinner. Walked 3+ miles.
Tuesday, a lady came to measure some of our windows for blinds. We've lived here for 10 years without many window coverings, because we have a lot of privacy. But the cost of propane (to run the furnace) has climbed so high since we built this house that we are going to invest in some more blinds to keep the heat IN. Since the weather people are predicting a very cold winter (El Nino), it's time to act now. Remember this?
I get chilly just thinking about it.
After the appointment, I caught the ferry to Seattle to pick up a donation of fabric from a custom furniture company (see Katie's Comforters Guild's blog for more info). Then I went to the hospital to deliver 42 blankets. After that, I interviewed the director of the Therapeutic Play Program at Seattle Children's Hospital for an article I'm writing about therapy dogs. When it's finished - if it's published - I'll let you know! Walked 4 miles with Gregg after dinner.
Wednesday, I worked on writing and catching up after being out all day on Tuesday. Photographed quilts and fabric for the Guild's blog. I called in to Burrata again, etc. Walked 3+ miles.
Thursday, I went to the Farm Kitchen to learn from the amazing Hollis how to do more complex website work. It's going to take some time to master this, but I feel so grateful to be taught by someone as talented and kind as Hollis. After our meeting, I went to Paella Bar to take some photos,
and then over to Lola's Mexican Kitchen
to do the same. After a quick bite of lunch - take-out from Lola's - I stopped into the local bead store (not my favorite place, but I was in a hurry) to get a few items for some jewelry I'm making. Then home to get dinner ready, and a trip to Costco, the mall (to pick up shoes on sale) and then for a beer at Silver City Brew Pub with Gregg. Walked 3+ miles.
Friday (today), I wrote my piece for Hopeful Parents (I post on the 10th of the month), walked 3 miles, got a haircut, and picked up donation cans from the September (Childhood Cancer Month) drive. I will post a total soon - some of our good can hosts want to keep the cans a bit longer for more donations - I love that! Came home and worked on Burrata business, had my parents over for dinner, and watched a mystery with Gregg.

I'm "plum tuckered out," as they used to say. Good night, all! I wish you a wonderful weekend.


Elizabeth said...

I love seeing your blog at the top of my blogroll and so look forward to hearing about your doings! It sounds as if you are busy in the best way, and I envy how you and Gregg find a good amount of time to walk together. Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen said...

hope you got a deep sleep...zzzzz........zzz...that was quite a week.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my goodness Karen, you have been such a busy bee. I might have to trade nicknames with you. :)
Love that you are getting so much accomplished, I know you like the 'work' you are doing, it is all good stuff.
Love that you are able to get in so many walks each week, this is so good for you. (This is what I am lacking!)
I want to visit both Burrata and the Mexican cute and I am sure the food is delish!
The farm kitchen looks AMAZING as well.

Mary said...

Oh how I'd love to go to a paella bar go on such lovely long walks every day. I love what you are busy with -- such great stuff. Enjoy the weekend!

Mary Potts said...

You sure had a busy week - fun too! How do you have the energy to write that late at night?? I can't put a sentence together at that time.
I'm jealous about all the walking you're doing. I'm sure missing that.

Oh, Keenan says hi!!
Hugs to you.

Ellen said...

Your winter photos were lovely...yet I am not ready for the cold weather at all. I am grateful that living in the Bay Area (CA) we just get rain. Still, like you, we don't have any window coverings (total privacy) and I am sure we could save some money putting something on them....

You looked like you had a full week but doing what you enjoy. That makes a week good and not dreaded.

The little Mexican Restaurant Lola's...I liked how it looked. Snug and warm...

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I love how much walking you do, Karen! My husband and I are planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest after our nephew and his fiance moved there recently. Perhaps we shall meet? That would be so lovely! Sending lots of love & peace your way today. xo