Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reading & Writing

I'm involved in a new project: an online spiritual retreat with three of my blogging friends. You may know them from my sidebar; they are also bereaved mothers. It's like a gift from God, to be able to do a book study like the ones we did in our Lectionary class at church (the book is by one of my favorite spiritual authors, Joyce Rupp) with these women who have also experienced the death of a child. Our children were all different ages, and had different causes of death; we have different spiritual backgrounds, but we are alike in our love for God, and our desire for communion with Him. We do a lot of writing on a private blog, so I have less time to write here.

Though I've missed the spiritual fellowship of Lectionary class, I don't trust myself in a formal group quite yet. I'm too forthright, and am not sure that I'd be able to be patient enough, polite enough, or hold my tongue when I disagree with someone. So an online group seems to be the best of both worlds, for now.

Wanting to do more writing, I am trying to discern what I should write. I've started three books in the three years since Katie passed away:  one is based upon the entries in this blog; one is based upon the year that Katie was sick, and the other is a book for adolescent cancer patients.

I haven't finished ONE of them.

I don't know which one to try to finish first. I am concerned that no one will want to read them. I keep talking myself out of getting going on finishing any of them...but I want to do it. So I am dithering and writing elsewhere, working on Katie's Comforters Guild and family business.
David is doing well, and is happy at college. Gregg and I are having fun cooking, going on excursions and being spontaneous. It's as if every night can be "date night." We've had houseguests, dinner company, and have been busy socially. So far, "empty nesting" doesn't feel really empty.


Mary said...

I'm so happy for you and your online group! Also sounds like you and Gregg have been really busy enjoying quality time with each other and with friends.

Keep writing, just keep writing and I bet the answers will come to you as follow these other paths that are so important to you.

Elizabeth said...

It's so good to read these things on the blog, and I hope you'll continue to keep us posted. And I'm so glad that David is having a good time at college and that the "empty nest" doesn't feel too empty. You are such beautiful people, you know?

About your books -- I suggest that you just keep writing. And certainly fight that thought about who would want to read them. I understand the thought, but it's just plain silly!

deb said...

and I was just thinking about how long it's been since we'd heard from you.
I think these developments all sound fabulous.

peace be with you , Karen.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your online writing group sounds fantastic Karen!!!
I say you finish whichever book fills your heart the most-first...and don't worry about what other people will read, do it for you. :)
Glad David is doing well and even happier that you and Gregg are living the life!!!

Jabacue said...

Just joining recently, I would recommend to listen to your instincts. And go from there. You both look like you are doing just fine....what empty nest?!

AnnDeO said...

I am so happy for you and your group. I attended a group class for 4 years and it was so hard to feel like I fit in and could really express myself at the beginning. By the time I felt I was finished it was emotional to let go. To say farewell to my weekly meeting with those I had shared so much. So, I guess I am saying with your writing or whatever you are trying... it takes time to do the work and figure out which path - or even to find the trail. Keep on.

Truth Ferret said...

I would like for my niece (Laura) and you to connect. She' one of my facebook friends. A few years ago, she lost her very young son in a very quick amount of time to a very fast moving cancer. She's a remarkable young woman with two sons on this Earth and Joshua smiling down from Heaven. I will give her your blog and maybe you can connect.

Your online group sounds tremendous and you have helped more people everyday with your frankness and willingness to be honest about your life.

Thank you for your frankness. Your furry friend, B.

Mary Potts said...

Karen, your spiritual retreat sounds like a slice of heaven. To be able to read spiritually-moving words and then write and communicate with other bereaved mothers with the added benefit of various religious affiliations involved sounds wonderful. I can imagine that each of you adds so much to the "whole".

And, about the book, go with your heart, and when you're ready ~ you're ready! People will read them.

rebecca said...

i am so happy reading all your words.
in the mean time....i love this diverse yet united group you are apart of.
you are so beautiful and give so generously of yourself.
everyone will be blessed.

Karen said...

I'm still cruising but got to catch up with your blog today. Can't wait to get back with you four beautiful friends. I totally share your excitement. I was very happy to read your empty nest thoughts, and glad to see that you are re-experiencing your marriage. It's like dating, again. Glad also to hear that David is well. So many changes and yet there is also joy. One final note: finish one of those books...the world needs to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh Karen- we sound so much and such:) you are amazing! 3 books?? OMG Mary?? That is awe-inspiring...i would buy as many as i could for Henry's Foundation and make sure every parent could find hope through your ability to record the truth - I love your writings and glad that you having date nights....i'm trying that myself.....i miss you xo

Mother Tucker