Thursday, August 12, 2010

Promise of Consolation

"Imitation of Christ," chapter 57, by Thomas A. Kempis:

The Voice of Christ

"Put it out of your heart as best you know how, and if it has touched you, still do not let it cast you down or confuse you for long.
Bear it patiently at least, if you cannot bear it cheerfully.
Even though you bear it unwillingly, and are indignant at it, restrain yourself and let no ill-ordered words pass your lips at which the weak might be scandalized.
The storm that is now aroused will soon be quieted and your inward grief will be sweetened by returning grace.
'I yet live,' says the Lord, 'ready to help you and to console you more and more, if you trust in Me and call devoutly upon Me.' "


Angela said...

love you...thinking and praying with you these next days...

Busy Bee Suz said...

this is beautiful; I hope it is just what you needed today.
Sweet family photo!
hugs, Suz

Elizabeth said...

I'm thinking about you throughout each day, praying for you and hoping, knowing, that you can and will endure.

Karen said...

You've given us beautiful, comforting words today. I know you are sharing them because you are thoughtful and caring, yet also hanging on to them for your own dark valley. I receive them and I am also praying that they sink deep into your bones, for your consolation and comfort and hope. "Give us this day our daily bread."
Love and hugs to you, dear beautiful friend.

Mary Potts said...

Dearest Karen,

YOU LIVE the words of the Lord, these very words in this passage.

You survived a terrible storm nearly three years ago, one that shook you from your moorings and altered your life's path forever. On a daily basis, you live the dichotomy that Katie's death forced upon your once-stable existence to create all the feelings you described in your previous post ~ David is going to college!! Katie is gone... ~ the opposing forces of every nearly every moment, every day in your new life. I understand. I live it too, every second of my life. As you commented on my blog ~ I'm in solidarity with you as well.

But, you my friend who I hope to meet someday, YOU have been a shining beacon of hope, an example of one who has taken the life that God chose to bestow upon you. And you have taken that pain into your heart, and although it most-likely fills with anger at times, you have not allowed it to become bitter. It has become a vessel that carries forth grace in your words and your actions to honor your beautiful girl - the quilts, the guild, your life, the words you share in your blog... all of it. It is all hope and grace for the rest of us to see and admire.

I'm thinking of you during these days, when you must be walking through so many vivid memories, and it is my prayer for you that you come through them feeling the warmth of your beautiful precious girl's love.

Trust in the Lord. Call on Him. He will continue to be there for you.