Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Cat in a Kayak

"A Cat in a Kayak" is the title of one of our favorite children's books, written by one of my favorite authors, Maria Coffey. I've mentioned Maria and her husband, Dag Goering before, because Gregg and I love their books. We met them in May of this year, when we were in Victoria for our anniversary.

It's HOT here today, so we took the kayaks out for a ride. Gregg and I went about 2 miles first, and then I came in, so that David could take my kayak and go with Gregg. (They have a lot more stamina than I have, so they go farther.) The two of them crossed over to Bainbridge Island, paddled along the shore, and came home.

Liger was on the beach, meowing, when we went out and when we returned.
He likes boats.
We assumed he wanted to take a ride, so we let him sit in the cockpit.
He liked it...
...until some folks walked by with a very enthusiastic golden retriever, OFF leash. The golden decided to come and play in the water, too.
Liger decided it was time to hide.

The golden retriever and his owners walked on by, and Liger decided it was time to get out of the boat.
He got a bit ahead of David...
...misjudged the distance, and took a little dip.
The walk of shame.

Don't worry about him - he's fine! I dried him off, and he gave himself a bath.

Maria and Dag, we are thinking of you.


Kay said...

What a cute story! I love seeing that little tiny kitty head peeking out. Love love love it! : )

Busy Bee Suz said...

Liger is the coolest cat ever. I will trade you my three for liger. :)
Looks like a great family day on the water!

Erin said...

Love the pictures. Looks like Liger had quite the adventure.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, good night! That cat is not a cat. Liger is some sort of weird human in disguise.

Karen said...

Cats are people, too. This story proves it once again. Liger is too cute and maybe bookworthy, too.

Mary Potts said...

Uh oh - goldens really do like to play with everyone... even cats! And once they get a taste of the water, look out! We just found that out ourselves.

Liger looks quite stately at the helm, and tell him not to worry - we all misjudge and have to do the "walk of shame" on occasion:)

Thinking of you this morning as I sip my coffee Karen. May there be peace in your heart.

deb said...

cute story,

We haven't done a beach thing at all this summer....these photos were a little fix, thank you

Robin said...

This is hilarious.