Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seattle Kids CAN (Cancer Advocacy Network)

One of the groups of which I am a member is the newly-formed alliance of cancer-research-related guilds at Seattle Children's Hospital called "Seattle Kids C.A.N." (Cancer Advocacy Network). We are working on projects to raise awareness of September as Pediatric Cancer Month and funds for cancer research. We have a new blog up and running (great job, Sara!), dedicated to a fundraising raffle: http://www.seattlecancerblows.blogspot.com/
The raffle features three pieces of art glass, two of which were created by a group of members of the cancer research team at Seattle Children's Hospital. The third piece was donated by the glassmaking studio. Check it out, and think about buying a ticket or two!
Beautiful flyers produced by
(thanks to Heide, Michelle and Dianne)!