Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

You may recall my story about the propane company and our huge, costly-to-fill tank. When landscaping our yard, it has been necessary to work around that white, 500-gallon tank. It's one of the things you see when you approach our front door.
Here is what we have done, so far:  we had a screen placed, and we planted clematis and jasmine, in the hope that they would grow up and fill in the screen, so that we (and our guests) would not have to look at the unsightly, enormous, screaming white tank. The jasmine is growing - it's climbed about a third of the way up the screen - and the clematis has already made it up to the top.

This week, the clematis is in full bloom.
Isn't it gorgeous?

Yesterday, some huge clouds rolled by our house.
There were squalls, rain, and patches of beautiful blue sky.
In order to give you a sense of scale, I've labeled this photo:
The star is larger than a BIG house across the way, so you can imagine how massive that cloud was.
I wouldn't want to fly into that cumulonimbus.
That would have been a BUMPY ride.

Now, it's a lazy Saturday afternoon. We took a 5-mile walk this morning, and were going to run some errands after lunch, but apparently
it's nap time.


Truth Ferret said...

Your yard looks very pretty and the two nappers are cute.

Kay said...

The flowers and foliage are doing an excellent job of covering up the tank. Good work!

Your nappers are adorable. : )

Allegra Smith said...

May I suggest you get an evergreen Clematis? In a couple of years it will cover that whole area and stays green all year around even in our NW weather. We had one and found its way out in the construction and that nearly killed me. But we planted another and she is happy and so are we. If you train her first to from one side to the other of your screen in less than a year you may have that whole area covered. But Greg will have to use some serious size rebar to hold the screens. Those babies once they like where they are, they surely forget about discretion! Rest and relax and enjoy your weekend. Love from here and here is a link in case you need one:

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am smiling over your cloud bubbles. you are so funny.
The flowers look wonderful and cover the big white tank well.
I need some help in that area...I have 330 feet along the back to cover from my sloppy neighbors. perhaps some of those big fluffy clouds could do it?
I would need more than a nap after a 5 mile walk.
You two are perfect for each other.

Elizabeth said...

I love the scaled cloud photos and your labels --

And the sleeping man looks quite cozy!

Mary said...

You live in the most beautiful place!!
I think your tank plan is working wonderfully.

Lakeland Jo said...

what a great post. First I love your innovative and beautiful clematis idea and it looks great. Those pictures are amazing- when you look at pictures like that it is totally impossible not to believe in God. Heaven is like that all the time. And I love the napping picture- that is so me at the moment. I love it. Grin :)

Tracey Axnick said...

Love clematis... one of my favorites.... we had it winding around our mailbox at our last house. Your yard is beautiful!

And love the pic of Gregg and kitty napping. NAPS ROCK. :)