Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Crazy Week

This has been a crazy week. But today was a nice Saturday. We finally have some MAY weather here!

Our niece, Andrea, contacted me earlier this week and asked if we would like to join her and her parents for a long beach walk today (Andrea's husband had to work).
We packed a lunch and headed up to Chuck and Cheri's house, and from there, to Port Townsend.
It was a glorious, sunny, warm day. The beach wasn't even crowded.
By the way, DO NOT bother to ASK ME for directions to this beach; I am not going to divulge it. You must find it for yourself.
We walked somewhere between 6 and 8 miles, had a picnic, enjoyed Andrea and Mike's dogs (Lena and the new puppy, Sam) and the gorgeous view.
If you ever wonder why or how we Washingtonians endure our gray days, these photos from today are as simple an explanation as I can give you.
Part of this week's craziness was due to the following facts:
This is senior prom night.
David doesn't like to dance or attend school dances.
In spite of various helpful clues from his mother over the past few months ("When is Senior Prom?" "Are you thinking of going to your Prom?" "Is there anyone who you might like to ask?" "If you are thinking of asking someone to Prom, a girl needs at least 6 weeks to find a dress." "You do know that you cannot text a girl to invite her, don't you? You have to call her." "You do know that you have to buy her a corsage, don't you? And you need to find out whether she needs a wrist or a pin-on corsage." "You do know that you must find out what color she's wearing, to get the right color of corsage, don't you?") - in spite of all of this helpful hinting, David didn't ask anyone to the dance until two weeks prior.
Girls, I have tried to educate him, really, I have. He's just not that into you (at least, not at this point. That would be a good title for a movie, wouldn't it?)

So he did ask someone - a young lady who he met recently, who attends a different high school. (Note: this means that there wasn't one girl in his entire high school who he wanted to take to his senior prom. Just sayin'.)

She said she wanted to go with him, but had to check on a couple of things first. She didn't mention that she had a boyfriend, and she didn't answer David until three days prior to the prom. Her answer? "No." (Maybe her boyfriend was against the idea; I don't blame him.)

As disappointing as that sounds for David, don't worry about him because
A) he gave her very little notice, because
B) he really didn't care about going because
C) he doesn't like dances and
D) he clearly hadn't given it much thought and
E) it's interesting that she said she WANTED to go with him, when she has a boyfriend and
F) he didn't know she had a boyfriend when he asked her.
So his friends talked him into going to his Senior Prom, stag. Really? Yes, really. I guess this is how things are done nowadays. (I feel a little outdated.)

Since this was planned at the last minute, Gregg and I missed out on the photo session and preparation, because we were in Port Townsend. We hurried home and met David at Starbucks, and took a few photos:
For a guy who doesn't care all that much, he sure looked good!
I hope to get more photos from his friends' parents, whose sons planned ahead (and obviously cared a LOT more about their senior prom than our son does)!
I keep thinking about him, wondering how it's going, and hoping he's having fun.

And a last, random photo:
This is Kathleen and me on her tandem bike, last summer, just after her son Gunnar's passing.
Kathleen puts people on this tandem to find out if they have "control issues." She said I passed with flying colors (but to be honest, I do have control issues).
Kathleen is starting a blog. Hooray for her!
Here is the link.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, prom. Actually all but one of Sarah's friends are going just "as friends" real I'm sure it's that way all over. David will have a great time! =] L in Alaska

ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, David looks SO handsome!! And, I'm glad he decided to go stag, rather than skip it. I hope he's having fun tonight and making some great memories.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that David is choosy. I don't think it's unusual to not have a romantic interest in one's own high school, especially after being in school together for so many years. And it's great that he got dressed up and attended with friends so as to make some fun memories to look back on.

Your work (and opportunities) with Katie's Quilting Guild are fantastic and exciting. I hope that someone with some knowhow is able to help you pull things together to make quilts that raise lifesaving funds.

Celebrating Mother's Day must be bittersweet for you now, Karen, joys and sorrows mixed together. May your heart and spirit be at peace tomorrow. David and Katie were blessed to have you as their mother.

Karen B.

Elizabeth said...

This post cracked me up. Your son is just too cool, I think -- and maybe there's a little self-protection in there, too? You're such a wise and good mother, and I know it's hard --

And I love the photo of you and your friend on the tandem. What sort of control issues do you have? HA! HA!

Anonymous said...

I went with one of my best friends to my 'prom' - wouldn't have traded in for the pressure of a romantic interest on the night - I think he made a good decision! Though I expect the girls in his school might be regretful when they see him in his tux!

That beach - wow. I could use that photo as a meditation inspiration shot, to magic myself there by the mind I wouldn't need directions!


Anonymous said...

Wow—David looks great! And honestly, I think it's cool that he decided to go—I felt the same as him in high school—I didn't care about prom, I didn't care about the guys in my school, I didn't want to go—but my mom pushed me, I ended up asking an ex-boyfriend who was a year older than me and finishing up his freshman year of college to come—and we had a fun time and it is SUCH a teen touchstone—conversations always turn to prom and it's much better as an adult if you're able to participate in those convos!

So yes, hooray for prom!!!



Kay said...

You should be glad David is picky. After all, you want him to pick the right girl later on! : ) But I'm glad he went to the prom anyway. I'm sure he had a blast.

Love all the pics.. including the beautiful day at the beach. *envy*!!!

Maggie May said...

Happy Mother's Day- your boy is beautiful and so was your beautiful girlie. xoxoxo

deb said...

Your son is so handsome.

thinking of you today, Karen.
blessings to a beautiful Mother.

Allegra Smith said...

He is number one on my list of coolness available. A young man after my own heart. If you know your values your know your value, so he is smart and prudent and has enough confidence to go stud. More power to him. Beside he truly good clothes and that these days is as rare as hen teeth.

Barry and I were talking about you today and I told him that I knew where your thoughts and heart would be. Even without a crystal ball I can tell you I also know where Katie's were. And you must have felt her love about you like one of your loving quilts.

Love from here, you are a wonderful mother and that will never change.

Karen said...

That was one of my favorite blog posts ever! You sound just like me with all your not so subtle reminders! My grandson is going to prom on Friday night, and I was doing the exact same thing all afternoon! David is wise and handsome, and his mom is just a wonderful mom.
Thought of you often today...
Much love, Karen

Karla said...

The beach has been calling me lately too, we were going to go beach walking yesterday, but the tides weren't quite right. I'm glad you had a good time. :)

Dawn ~ BJSMomma said...

Gorgeous pictures, and June, July, August, September are what I understand from experience to by why the gray days are bearable...AND everytime I had the opportunity to view that glorious mountain!

And David and the prom made me giggle....ya got to love the low maintenance of boys..although the last minute thing can be a bit of a challenge at times (speaking of personal experience)

Have a wonderful week!