Monday, April 19, 2010

NEWS Flash!

Zoe, Anais, Mme. Raige and Mme. Hubaud will be on the 11:00 news tonight - KOMO and KIRO for you local Seattleites. For the rest of you, that means ABC and CBS.

David had golf practice after school today. He took one of the French students, Julien, with him to the course, so that Julien could practice with the team. After practice, Gregg picked them up and brought them back to our house, where Julien's host mother, Tracy, was waiting to take him home.

As we were chatting with Tracy, (around 5:30 - 5:45 p.m.), the telephone rang. It was Mme. Raige, with a request. Would Zoe and David be willing to be interviewed on TV? The teachers were having no success with the airline, consulate, embassy, etc. in getting information and help to transport the students back to France. This was now an interesting "news story." I knew that David would be reluctant to be interviewed; Zoe wasn't enthusiastic about the idea, either, but she was willing to try.

Another phone call revealed that there were two news agencies on their way over, and proposed that we have one of the interviews here, at our house. A lightning-fast cleaning/organizing sweep was made of the living area. We had a quick dinner of ravioli and salad. The plan was then changed to focus on the French students and their chaperones, and the venue was re-set. Apparently, the two news teams had met on the ferry, and decided to film at the same time and place. We were asked to come to the home of our French teacher, Mr. Johnson, and his wife, Mme. Johnson (our high school's librarian) so that Zoe and another of the French students (Anais) could be interviewed together. David was happy to be an observer, and not a participant. The news crew was expected at around 7:15 p.m. When we arrived, this is what we saw:
Mme. Raige explains the predicament: there is no one at the airport (Air France) to talk to about getting a flight home.
The girls are asked how they feel. They are having a good time, and in no hurry to leave.
Mr. Johnson and David listen as Mme. Hubaud expresses concern about getting home.
Now this is what I call an education.
Before all of this excitement, Zoe and I went to Mimi's to have pedicures.
It reminded both of us a little bit of Anjelah Johnson's comedy sketch (The Nail Salon). The ladies watched TV and chatted in rapid-fire Vietnamese while they worked, but were very kind and took good care of us. And our feet look great!


Elizabeth said...

Is this a precedent, Karen? Two pedicures in under a year? I sure hope so!

Karen said...

You are literally a safe port in a storm. How blessed Zoe is to have you as your host family with the ability to roll with the circumstances and even make some fun out of it. I love the Angelah Johnson sketch, too.
Now the big announcement, I just found out today that some very, very dear friends of ours are living in Poulsbo. I was stunned! So I believe a follow-up email is in order and will get to it one of these days soon. I'm on Maui time right now...

Busy Bee Suz said... guys are so famous!! Congrats.
I love the nail salon routine: "Beautiful nail, Just one"

Kay said...

How fun! You'll have to link up to it so we can find it when it airs. This trip has turned into much more than these kids ever imagined. They will remember this forever. Love the nail salon sketch. I had forgotten about that one. LOL

karen gerstenberger said...

Elizabeth, I don't think so...unless I get a job to pay for it! =) This was NOT the same kind of experience as at the Marriott Desert Springs spa in Palm Desert, but it was still fun.

Karen, I am very intersted to hear about your friends who live here...when you can, please let me know! I hope you've recovered from your cold, and that you will always be able to be on "Maui time." Magical.