Friday, April 16, 2010


Wednesday, the students from Ste. Tulle took another fieldtrip:  this time, to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, and then back to Poulsbo for kayaking.

I wasn't with them on this fieldtrip, but when I went to pick up Zoe (and Maud, who came with her for the afternoon), this is what I saw: 
Julien & Mathilde
Maud & Claire?
Zoe & Chloe
Mme. Raige (their teacher) at the dock.

Isn't that awesome?
They were tired, but they had FUN.
Even though Zoe and Chloe had accidentally 
flipped their kayak and
fallen in the COLD water,
they had fun.

After a shower and a load of laundry, everything was back to normal. Zoe & Maud went down to the beach for a walk, and then into our woods to try the rope swing.
It was a good day.


Jason, as himself said...

That looks like fun! Except for the falling into the cold water part. That does NOT.

Karen said...

those French foreign exchange students are full of surprises! hah! too cute!

Elizabeth said...

Zoe is so lucky to spend this time with you. I can't imagine the opportunity of a field trip where you go KAYAKING! Wow! And that rope swing is awesome, too. I'm coming to visit one of these days --

Kay said...

Another wonderful day. What memories Zoe will take back with her.. and you're helping her create them. Love it! : )