Friday, April 9, 2010

A Fieldtrip to the Suquamish Tribe and Dinner Company

Here is a link to an article in the local newspaper about our French Exchange students, and the fieldtrip that they took to the Suquamish Indian Reservation yesterday.

Yesterday after school, I picked up Zoe and her friend, Chloe, and we went to Dairy Queen so that they could have a sweet treat. They each chose a different Blizzard. They had never seen ice cream cakes like the ones that DQ makes, so it was fun to show them the catalog of photos and ideas. Then, I drove them to a nearby shopping mall. We shopped in Macy's, Zumiez, Bath and Body Works, Aeropostale, Forever 21, World Market and Old Navy, among other stores. The girls said that the cost of clothes here is much lower than in France, and they each bought some nice things.

When they saw the Sweet Factory, both of them stopped and took pictures of it - but they didn't go inside.

After we finished shopping in Old Navy, Chloe went home with her host-father, and Zoe and I went to Costco. She hadn't been inside of a Costco before, so that was fun to show her. I bought a few items, and then asked her what kind of food she would like to eat for dinner. Her answer: Italian - specifically, spaghetti. So we went to a local Italian restaurant - a very casual one, where we used to dine when our kids were small. I told her that it didn't have a lot of "ambience," but the food is good and there were many choices.

And the food was good...but, before we had finished eating our salad, the entrees were delivered to the table, and left to sit.

I don't recall that ever happening, before. I could see how strange and inappropriate it was, especially when trying to look at things from Zoe's perspective. I don't think this would happen in France, where food and the dining experience is very important. It felt as if we were being rushed, and it was not good for our food to sit and get cold. But otherwise, it was fine.

Today, the students "shadowed" a North Kitsap student in their classes. This afternoon, I picked Zoe up from school, and we went to our local grocery store to order handmade pizzas and buy a few items for the weekend (ingredients for pancakes, etc.). It was fun to tour the store that is so familiar to me with a guest. She took photos from the 2nd floor (it's a huge store), and bought some handmade soap. Zoe tried the fresh barbecue pork and beef brisket, and decided on the pork for lunch next week. We also found a nice gift for her parents in the gift department.
Tonight, we had our dear friends (the Dudleys - Paul & I met in 8th-grade French class) over for dinner. We ate pizza, green salad and angel food cake with fresh berries and whipped cream (chantilly, in French - thanks, Heidi!). We chatted, sang along while Paul played the piano, and the boys played video games. We had fun and lots of laughs. Good friends from "way back" are a priceless gift; we love them!


ChiTown Girl said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

Allegra Smith said...

Zoe is so pretty and her eyes are incredible! What a good Exchange mother you are, Karen. She is going to take with her an invaluable experience and wonderful memories and helping her discover our culture the way you are doing it would be a gift never forgotten by her. Hugs from here.

Karen said...

It will be a very fun adventure introducing Chloe to American life, and hopefully only occasionally embarrassing, such as the too fast food service! I always love seeing people, places and things thru new eyes. It's almost like travelling to a new place yourself.
Bon Voyage!

Elizabeth said...

It must be wonderful to be Zoe and have someone like you to be your host mother. And I'm sure it's wonderful for you, too, to be doing these girl things. Thanks for sharing -- I love the descriptions of meals --

Kay said...

It must be interesting to see just about everything from a different set of eyes. Sounds like you're helping them create many memories! :)

deb said...

Fabulous. I think everyone should have an opportunity to do this, you know.
Of course,having someone as wonderful as you as a host mother is key.

on another note, I looked for an email , and couldn't see one, but wanted to let you know that the comment you made to me the other day on my post was truly perfect. Oddly, I'd never thought of it that way. (the person who passed was my father, he took his life when I was 10, an wise old 10 ), and you are right . Anyway, not the space here, but I just wanted to say thank you.

AnnDeO said...

Oh how I love to see the world from another perspective (how you describe the grocery store) When I would work at Woodward Skatecamp driving the boys around it was so interesting to me to see their take on the landscape... skate spot, bike jump, ditch, four stair etc. This makes me appreciate Land's host mom so much.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Karen, you are so wonderful. You are giving Zoe the star treatment. She must feel so loved and welcome...she may never leave.
I wish I could be an exchange student...if I could, i would love to visit your home and family!!!

It is so cool that you have life long friendships too.