Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Edits, Guild News and A Christmas Tree

My parents were here for dinner tonight. My dad read the posting in which I wrote about the ferry, and he had comments to make about the photos I posted.

He wants me to tell you that, in addition to building the cabin, he built that log bulkhead himself.  He also wanted me to post a photo of their house as it is now (after the cabin was remodeled), so here it is:

That is not the bulkhead he built; it is a replacement, made of rock, instead of logs. They added a dock later. A bunch of us can be seen on the deck on the right side. He has a vegetable garden and flowers, of which he is very proud, as well.

Since you asked, the performance of Handel's "Messiah" was a fantastic experience for us. Before the concert, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Smileygirl and her husband at one of our favorite restaurants:  Cafe Campagne. Then we walked to Symphony Hall (a.k.a. Benaroya Hall), and took our seats near the back of the main level. The music and singing were sublime. SUBLIME. I thought, This must be what it's like when you are dying, and you awaken to find you are not dead, but crossing a threshhold to a new, perfectly beautiful reality. I hope I hear music like that when I'm crossing over. I love musicians, and am in awe of their dedication and artistry.

Unfortunately, there was a couple of WHISPERERS sitting behind us. They were seated a couple of rows behind us, and many seats to the left, but they were WHISPERING loud enough to disturb us.  Voices and lots of dramatic hand gestures were interrupting the singing and instumentals of one of the most sacred pieces of music I've ever heard. I looked at the usher; no response. I looked at the WHISPERERS; no response. I wondered what Jesus would do, since the concert was really about Him. I tried to forgive; I got angry; I re-focused on the message. I got angry again; I went back to the message. I think it was kind of funny, to be attempting to focus on Jesus and the message about his life, while being irritated beyond belief during the concert. 

Please, if you attend a concert, and feel an overwhelming need to talk in the middle of it, LEAVE the AUDITORIUM. Whatever you have to say can either wait, or should be said elsewhere. But none of you need to hear that from me; you would never do such a thing!

Since you've asked, here is what this year's tree looks like:

On Monday, I had the privilege of driving to meet a member of another Seattle Children's Hospital guild. Joanne generously donated her time and talent to make two quilts for Katie's Comforters Guild, and then drove half an hour from her home to meet me, and give them to me, so that I can donate them to the hospital. Here is Joanne with her beautiful quilts:

There is more good news coming about Katie's Comforters Guild; I will update you on the Guild's blogspot soon. Meanwhile, Happy Christmas Eve to everyone, and Merry Christmas Day! May your heart be filled with the peace and love of God, through the gift of Jesus to the world.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Your Father is a joy...I love that he wants you to clear things up. HE SHOULD be proud of this, the first one was sweet, simple and the newer? Gorgeous. Love it. I am sure this home (old and new) hold wonderful memories for your family!

What is with the whisperers? RUDE.
Your tree is lovely.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas...many blessings to your family Karen.


Karen said...

Your dad is so funny. He wants us to know how much work he's done so we can appreciate the finished product. He is appropriately proud!

And that tree! You should be proud, too. It's simple and beautiful, and Katie's Guild, though not under the tree, is a poignant gift to the world in her honor.

Elizabeth said...

You father is lovely -- I always think about how blessed you are to have your parents with you. Merry Christmas, Karen -- I am grateful to have met you this year and wish you much happiness, peace and health in 2010.

Renee said...

Please tell your Dad I love it and it is fantastic.

Merry Christmas most darling friend. Be merry and remember that Katie is with you thinking oh I love the wrapping Mom, and let's try another dainty.

Love Renee xoxo

quilt said...

The quilts are indeed very beautiful.

Kay said...

I love the house. Before and after. They're both very charming. :)

I hate whisperers. But I guess it wouldn't be nice to turn around and *whisper* SHUTUP. Oh wait, that would be tacky. I always *think* things like that, but never act on them. And then end up getting the giggles over the possibility of it.

But I am glad you got to have such a special night out. (whisperers aside) :)