Monday, December 14, 2009


UPDATE: Children's Hospital posted a link to the magazine! The ChildLife article begins on page 8, and our part is on page 11.

Here it is: Seattle Children's - Connection Magazine, Winter 2010
One of our dear East-Coast cousins, Barbara Jo (the mother of Larry, Ruth and Miriam) emailed me recently to tell me that she saw and enjoyed the article about ChildLife in the recent issue of Connection magazine.

Connection is one way that Seattle Children's Hospital shares news with its community, and David and I were interviewed for an article about ChildLife a few months ago. BJ's email reminded me to tell you about it.

One day, when I was taking a batch of quilts in to the Hem-Onc ChildLife department, a writer and photographer from Connection met Julie (the ChildLife worker who was the closest to Katie and David - pictured above) and me for a photo session to accompany the article.  They spoke with us about our relationship, and the quilts. They expressed their delight in the quilts,  so I got bold, and asked if they would mention Katie's Comforters Guild in the article or in the photo caption.

The article and photo appear in this issue, and I'm thankful that they did talk about the quilts, but sad that, for some reason, they did not mention the Guild. Nevertheless, the article beautifully and eloquently tells the story of what ChildLife is, and what they do for patients and families. I hope and pray that it will result in more funding for ChildLife, which is a VITAL department of the hospital.

If you would like a copy, you may call the hospital at 206.987.2153, or go online and ask at


Busy Bee Suz said...

It is nice that you are getting the word out about the Guild.
It would be even nicer, if article were printed as they are told/written. :)
But I suppose, every little bit of 'leakage' will help.
Take care, Suz

Karen said...

Bit by bit, the word is spreading. Your cause is powerful and beautiful and hard to keep under "cover". The blessings of Heaven and Earth are on it.