Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Ships and Cats

Last night, the Christmas Ships went by our house. This is an annual event that we appreciate and love very much. It is a parade of private boats, sponsored by a local yacht club, with Christmas music playing; Santa is on one of the boats. You can sometimes hear him laughing, "HoHoHo!" across the water.

It was raining, and very dark, so I used the flash.

I took more photos without the flash.

David took pictures of Latte and Liger. Latte was in one of his favorite spots, under our dining table. He likes to rest his chin on the rung of a chair.

Liger is our resident "Cat in Sink."

The Christmas Ships sail again tonight. If you live nearby, I hope you take time to look for them. It's a lovely sight.


Busy Bee Suz said...

How fun!!!! Great photos...especially the sink cat. So cute. :)

Kay said...

Wow! What fun.. and so beautiful!

I like your kitties. I wonder what would happen if WATER showed up in that sink?! LOL