Thursday, October 29, 2009

Motorboat, Motorboat

One of the greatest sounds on earth, for me, is the sound of a cat purring. It never fails to make me happy.

When Latte and Liger are ecstatically happy, their purring sounds like our outboard motor, set on idle, in calm water. I LOVE that sound.

(The outboard motor I am talking about is in the photo above.)

This is one reason why I am a cat-person. Dogs have wonderful qualities, but barking vs. purring? I'm going with the motorboat.

[Lest you dog-lovers feel slighted, there is no need. Our friend Joanne came over the other night with her awesome Corgi (named Beamer). Beamer walked right into the house, and we gave him snacks; he did tricks and sat on the couch with me. And Beverly (Karyn's Yorkie from NY) came for a visit, and had snacks AND used her potty-mat, in our house. We like dogs; we LOVE cats.]


Kay said...

Love that pic of your cats! Toooo cute! : ) Yes, I love that purring sound too. My kitty is pretty vocal otherwise too. She'll just walk up and meow, and if I say something to her, she'll meow back. It's pretty funny.

I think I'm a lot like you...cats AND dogs. : ) We had a dog for years, but had to give her a way. Loved her like crazy. But now we love this silly cat too. Who knew! LOL

Busy Bee Suz said...

Gosh, I am going to drag all 3 of my cats in here to see the picture of Latte and Liger. My cats should be ashamed....they hardly ever purr, because they would have to stop HISSING to do this.

Although our youngest cat Krispy does meow at me, and I meow back, it goes on for a while. I have no idea what I am saying in cat language...I hope it is nice.

I used to be a cat person. But I have been swayed by bad cats and sweet dogs. :)
Great post Karen!!!

Karen said...

Looks like they are pretty much royalty, sitting on the velvet cushion like that! I bet it's a pretty nice life being a cat in your home! We don't have a cat or a dog, but we do have two brown bunny brothers! They also rule like kings.

Karyn said...

"and used her potty-mat" ha ha ha...