Thursday, March 26, 2009


Who would have guessed that these two

when they get cleaned up, are the same as these two?

My mom & dad are the second couple from the left, in this photo...

and that's my mom (in black), second from the right, in this one...

Weren't the clothes gorgeous back then? (I have that black lace dress in my closet, now!)

And more recently, they still look great!
We've all come a long way
since those days.
It's fun to look back at the photos!
Nana Emilie, Jim, Mom, Karen, Deb, Coco, Granny @ Nana & Coco's house
Mom, Jim, Karen & Dad @ the cabin


Busy Bee Suz said...

Love those pictures...funny to see a woman with a cigarette. They all looked so glamorous (well not the first two silly pics)
That black dress is amazing!!!

Kay said...

Wow... what great pictures! How fun!

MB said...

The dresses, the pictures, how hot were your parents? I love the one of Phil with the straw hat him. Oh, I miss them, will they be back when I come in April?

Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures. I always wonder what we'll look like to our own children when they "look back." It doesn't seem like we're nearly as glamorous as our own parents were in their "youth."

karengberger said...

MB, YES, they will be here, and they will be thrilled to see you!

Elizabeth, I agree with you. Standards of dress and certain niceties have been dropped in our generation...I miss that elegance.

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures, too...I have pictures like this of my Mom - she knew how to have fun.

Do you remember the women that would wear curlers to the grocery store because they were "going out" that night and wanted to look nice?

L in AK