Friday, February 13, 2009

Husband Tag

Suz has tagged me (thanks, Suz!). This one is the
Husband Tag!

Suz says there are no rules with this tag, so it's wide open. I like things without rules. She tagged 4 bloggers, so I will, too:
Diane Walker: her beautiful blogs are about things of art and the spirit, & I know she has a love story tucked in there!
Laurie Keller: A gifted photographer & prairie woman. She loves her Ron, and I want to hear more about that.
DreamerGirl: A woman who knows the gift of love, and has plenty of it in her heart.
CJaneRun: Courtney will probably never see this, nor have the time to participate (since she is presently caring for 3 of her sister's children, plus her own Chief), but I am sure she could say plenty of good things about her husband, Chup.

Here we go:
1)Husband's Name: Gregg

2)How long have you been married? In May, it will be 18 years. (Suz & I found out that we were married on the exact same day and year -- what a coincidence!)

3)How long did you date? A year and a half.

4)How old is he? 53

5)Who eats more sweets? I like sweets more than he does, but since he's nearly a foot taller than I am, I'd say he eats more sweets than I do...because he CAN.

6)Who is the better singer? I am. He can't carry a tune, even with a bucket, and he knows it.

7)Who is smarter? We each have our areas of excellence and lesser achievement. He has more, shall we say, worldly knowledge and uncommon good sense, and I have more of the academic smarts. And there are all kinds of exceptions to this: he knows WAY more math than I do; I know more theology (& crafts) than he does.

8)Who does the laundry? I do, since I'm the homemaker, but he can (and does) pitch in & help with everything around the house...everything.

9)Who pays the bills? He earns the money; I write the checks.

10)Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does, by his choice. And after all of these years, I can't get him to change it (you know, just to mix it up a little bit!).

11)Who mows the lawn? Gregg (and, I hope David will, soon). But I have done it, and I am willing. It's good exercise!

12)Who cooks dinner? I do, most of the time. But he barbecues several times a week, and prepares the O.S. (the "obligatory salad," as my mom calls it) so maybe I should say, We both do.

13)Who drives? He does, by his preference. I don't mind; it's fun to be his passenger. I drive myself when he's gone, of course. I've driven across the country by myself, people!

14)Who is the first to say they are wrong? Wow. We must have both done this, but I can't recall when/why or who went first.

15)Who kissed who first? Well, he sort of took a kiss from me. That's a story in itself. I made him wait a long time, being "just friends" as we were (I was fresh out of another relationship), and he decided that it was time to move things along. As I was going upstairs one day, he walked by, caught me on the bottom step, and planted one on me. Very decisive, got my attention, and moved things up a notch. Yeah, baby.

16)Who asked who out first? We met at a party, both invited by a mutual friend. He asked me for my number (I gave him my business card). He called to ask me out a few days later, and asked me for two dates in the same call (he got a "yes" to mid-week running and a weekend dinner/movie). Smart man.

17)Who wears the pants? Interesting question. We are well-matched in strength, willfulness and mutual respect, so it really is a partnership. He is definitely THE MAN of THE HOUSE, so I guess you'd say he wears them.

I love him!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love all your made me laugh too. So cute. You guys are so perfect for each other...almost like "someone" had an idea to put you together....I would suggest yours is a heavenly union!!!!

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, such a sweet post. I loved reading every bit of it. I love that you, Suz and I were all brides within months of each other (I was the first, though, on Jan. 19) Wow, can you believe they used to let 12-year olds get married back in 1991? tee hee!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I love this, Karen! And I LOVED your wedding picture! Beautiful!
It's fascinating to learn so much about Gregg. :)