Thursday, February 19, 2009

Creative Every Day = Every Day Living

It's a short school-week here, so once Mr. David had spent his first day back home (Monday) doing homework, he hot-footed over to Seattle to ski with Dr. Brogan & his family during the following day off. Now he is in the thick of making up tests and assignments.

On Monday, I went fabric shopping. I spent Tuesday pinning quilts (CED). Just so you know, the process begins with the purchase of coordinating flannel and cotton. Then I wash all of the fabric, trim the loose ends and iron each piece. Then I cut the roll of batting into one-yard lengths. I lay out the two pieces of fabric, with batting in the middle, (like a sandwich). Then I pin the blanket-binding around the edges, squaring off each corner. When I have a good-sized batch ready, it's time to sew. I sew all the way around the binding, and tack each quilt about 5 times in the middle (to keep the batting from shifting around). Then I sew on a label that says, "Made with Tender Loving Care by Katie's quilters."

Yesterday, I cleaned house, cooked country-style ribs in the crock-pot & baked an apple-berry crisp (CED) for my in-laws, who joined us for dinner. They wanted to hear about David's trip and see his photos.

David has given me permission to post his photos here (in fact, he suggested it). He seemed to like sightseeing historical places more than he enjoyed the Model U.N. process. It appears that he has learned that he wouldn't want to run for political office one day (not that he thought he would); it just became clear that he found the process of parliamentary procedure a bit convoluted. I wish I could get him to guest-post here, as he has been very funny in telling stories from the trip. I will post his contributions soon.

Today's sunrise was amazing. I took photos (all of these are from this morning!) = CED:
I keep practicing the craft of writing. You can see that I may not be able to post every day, but I try to put some creativity into what I do, every day. A CED connection may not be obvious, but to me, nearly everything has creative potential, if you approach it with an open mind.
I want to make a shout-out here to Suz, who generously sent a gift card to Jo-Ann Fabrics: THANK YOU, SUZ! And to Mary Jo, who sent a box of supplies, along with a finished quilt: THANK YOU, MARY JO! And to Sandy, who made 5 quilts and sent them to me: THANK YOU, SANDY! And to my sister-in-law, Linda, who made 4 quilts and sent them to me: THANK YOU, LINDA! I will put all of this to use for the children who are patients at Seattle Children's Hospital.

If you know anyone who
would like to help,
owns a fabric store or website,
has a connection to a fabric manufacturer (or mass retailer),
has a stash of cotton fabric and doesn't know what to do with it,
is looking for a charity project,
community to join,
group to support in prayer or
in deed (or both!),
please direct them here, and to Katie's CB page (the link is on my sidebar). I would love to keep this momentum going, and let it "snowball," so that the entire hospital would always have a handmade blanket waiting for every patient. Wouldn't that be awesome? THANK YOU for ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE to support KATIE'S QUILTERS and the CHILDREN at SEATTLE CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL!


Busy Bee Suz said...

You have been quite the busy bee, as usual. I love all your CED are doing a great job. I am interested in that crock pot recipe w/ ribs....was it great? I love ribs, but don't enjoy the grill. Coach is very particular about ribs, cause he makes them so good. But he is never home to make them!!!! Let me know on that.
Love the pictures. Sounds as though David had a good time. It would be great if he could write something himself...we would all enjoy that.
You are very welcome for the contribution....I love to help those who are doing so much good. Like YOU!!!

karengberger said...

Suz, I got one of those "Fix It & Forget It" cookbooks (the "Lightly" one), and it is full of good ideas. All I did yesterday was layer the ribs in the crock with barbecue sauce (and added a little teriyaki sauce), and let them cook all day. I skimmed the fat off of the top of the dish an hour or two before I served it...ugh! Lots of FAT! I think the ribs would be good with soy sauce, too. I am starting to enjoy cooking again.

unbashedjoy said...

I have always admired the quilting program you have started, and to help- I want to make a quilt, Karen! What dimensions, fabric, etc do I need? I have been telling my husband this for months and months, and finally I am going to do it. I'll have to mail it to you, as the drive from Ohio to Seattle is going to be a long one ;) let me know!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear some of David's comments on MUN! It's been years since I was involved, but I remember enjoying it greatly - as much as a social occasion as anything else (I had my first kiss at an MUN disco!). I'm pleased he enjoyed the other elements, sightseeing etc. Creative Every Day - I made a sock puppet on Tuesday - I'm not sure that really counts..

I thoroughly enjoyed your last post on the significance of the crucifix, very interesting, I share your interest in liturgical art and its role in worship - it's interesting how a well-thought out surrounding for prayer can be helpful. However, as you point out its the humanity of the cross that makes it especially significant. I recall a previous post you did on your personal altar, I believe the value of intercession also lies in amassing things that recall this link of humanity to God - I know you had a picture of Katie, and I also remember that you had a vase of beach glass - I remember thinking it was particularly appropriate considering the wear-and-tear that the glass goes through to be so beautiful: a bit like life, a bit like suffering.