Thursday, January 22, 2009

4 X 4 Meme

I've been tagged by Just Believe for a "4 x 4 Meme." This is a nice, simple one, and it involves photos, which you know I love to use.

The rules:
1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer.
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

It's a photo of Katie on Halloween, 2005, at her best friend Kristi's house, getting ready to go out Trick-or-Treating. She chose this outfit herself, of course. The funny part is that Kristi chose to dress up as an angel that year.

Here is a photo of Katie with her friend Melissa, Kristi's younger sister, Sarah, and Kristi.
And (to be fair), here is a photo of David in his costume on that same night.
I tag Paul Dudley, Diane Walker, Laurie Keller & Karla. I hope you have fun with this!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Katie as a devil...I think NOT.
Cute though.
really, I did not recognize David at all...wonder why????

Smileygirl said...

Love that sass in the devil pic. Katie certainly knew how to work the poses!

Clippy Mat said...

Lovely memories for you to hold.