Sunday, November 30, 2008

Skiers: It's Almost Time

Let me make it clear right away that I'm not a skier; Gregg and David are. My brother, Jim, and sister-in-law, Caroline, both LOVE to ski. Our nephew Phil is a snowboarder; other nieces and nephews are passionate about the skiiing, as well (Andrea, Mike, Joey, etc.).

It's almost that time of year, here. David is working on me, almost DAILY, to take a ski lesson and try it. He is here right now, using his latest sales pitch.

In case you are not familiar with the filmmaker Warren Miller, he makes movies about skiing, and attending one is a sort of annual "kick-off" to the season, in these parts. We attended one of the showings with Jim and Caroline a few weeks ago.

Even for a non-skiier (hey, I like to snowshoe!), it was a gorgeous and exciting film.
Happy Ski Season to all of you skiers!


Kay said...

No skiing for me either.. I'd be the snow bunny 'back at the lodge' waiting with the hot chocolate for everyone. lol

Stephanie said...

My best friend's brother has been a telemark skier in many Warren Miller movies. I went to Steamboat over labor day in 2007 and we went up the gondola and her brother's picture is in the chalet with Billy Kidd. My midwestern pony hill skiing experiences while just a step up from the bunny hill were some of the fondest memories with my dad and sisters. Give it a try...the chalet is never too far away.