Monday, September 29, 2008

The DELL Blues

The new AC Adapter has arrived, and is working --so far, so good.

Dell is sending me a replacement AC Adapter,
after they stated that they wouldn't because mine is more than 21 days old. I wrote back that I was reporting them to my credit card company, and then I got another email from them. They recanted, and said, in effect, "OH! GUESS WHAT? IT HAS A 1-YEAR WARRANTY! We will send a replacement!" So it's supposed to be on its way.

I am still going to report this to the credit card company, and I am going to send copies of the correspondence up the ladder at Dell; maybe I'll start with the president. I love starting at the top.

**UPDATE** I am calming the color back to blue here.
I realize that I've not been the best example of fortitude, patience and brotherly love about this situation with Dell. I have been feeling
ignored and
treated as less than a good, repeat customer.
I have been feeling HURT
by a HUGE corporation that makes money in enormous quantities, and it's all over a $79.00 piece of defective equipment. I paid for this adapter. We need it, in order to be able to use the laptop that my family generously provided for us when Katie got sick. It's important to me that I did my part; it's unjust that they are refusing to do theirs. So I feel angry, and as if, "Uh-oh, life isn't being fair." As if it ever was!

And then my dear Father Richard Rohr posted this meditation today:

"Francis of Assisi
Feast of Francis, October 4
Question of the day: Where does peace begin?

Francis' warnings to his followers are apt for peacemakers and those working for justice in our day:
"While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart. Nobody should be roused to wrath or insult on your account. Everyone should rather be moved to peace, goodwill, and mercy as a result of your self-restraint. For we have been called for the purpose of healing the wounded, binding up those who are bruised, and reclaiming the erring." (The Legend of the Three Companions)
Hope Against Darkness

Current mantra:"The Lord give you peace" - St. Francis"

and sent this for today:

"To be grateful is to recognize the Love of God in everything."
Thomas Merton, Thoughts in Solitude

I think I need to calm down and be more centered as I work through this problem. It is an opportunity to take one step at a time, in grace. I need to breathe in grace, and breathe it out to my fellow man, whoever he is, on the other end of this dispute.

Oh, and guess who is helping me with this now? My credit card company! Hooray for their dispute resolution department!

***UPDATE*** (I learned this little trick from smileygirl =) )

The people at Dell are being worse and worse about this. There is no way that they have a department that should be dignified with the name "Customer Service." They are totally avoiding the issue, and if you read the comments here, you will know that others have experienced this treatment, and others have been sold a defective AC adapter, as if it was a fine piece of equipment, instead of the fire hazard that we know it is. This font is red, because I am seeing red right now.

Okay, the new AC adapter that we recently purchased for our laptop is obviously defective. It's whistling, and creates sparks when I plug it in; it has blown out two outlets and gets too hot to touch when it's in use. I'm getting annoyed because the company that makes both the laptop and the AC connector (DELL) is yanking me around! I have been on hold for ages, passed back and forth like a football from one person to the next, asked to give them my information, but NO ONE is answering MY question.

I am not asking for product support, though they have tried several times to SELL it to me today. I am asking for my invoice number and an RGA (a return-goods-authorization) so I can get an AC adapter that won't burn my house down.

AARgh! Maybe our next computer will be an APPLE.


Anonymous said...

Do not plug that thing in again - I had the same problem. My Dell AC adapter whistled with a weird hum like a UFO or something! At first I thought maybe my ears were ringing and I eventually put two and two together and realized they only rang when I was on my laptop. Within seconds of my "lightbulb" realization, the little adapter started shooting out flames. My macbook has been ordered.

Kay said...

I've heard Dell is like that. I'm sorry for the hassles. My hubby builds ours, so we don't have to deal with that sort of thing...HE is tech support! LOL

Suz said...

Oh my gosh Karen. I feel your pain. A few months ago I spent about 16 hours talking (being transferred) to dell people about a monitor that was dead and was covered by full warranty.
I even tried the email, thinking nothing would be lost in translation, no.
Live chat w/ a tech. No.
I lost it. I lost my temper and told a guy to get me someone who spoke english. Someone who could help me. I was seriously angry.
They ended up putting me on hold. again. for about 10 minutes. Then I was given to a guy named "josh". Guess where Josh was located?
Florida. Probably down the street from me.
They are terrible there, they send you all over India for someone else to help you.
I had this same issue with my HP printer.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I had the same problem with my fairly new Dell laptop. I had to get a whole new adapter and luckily haven't had any problems since. Now I am relly annoyed that they (Dell) apparently have a problem with their adapters and aren't doing anything to rectify it.

I agree: Macs may be the way to go....

Good luck! These "battles" can be so trying.

Anonymous said...

I spent years messing with my PCs then finally gave up after losing all my data due to a virus and switched to a Mac. The most surprising thing was how easy it is to use it. It's just so much more intuitive. And not having to constantly worry about viruses and stupid stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Once You Go Mac You'll Never Go Back!

These are words to live by. If I were you, I'd trash the laptop and just say, "The Dell with it!"

Suz said...

The mantra is good, but my blood was boiling. It would not have helped me. :0
but then again, you are a better person than I.
Good luck. I hope it all works for you Karen.
Take care,suz

Contemplative Photographer said...

I would be happy to loan you my apple until you get one of your own!