Monday, August 25, 2008

"I'm Alive" by Jackson Browne

I really like the earlier work of the musician Jackson Browne. I gather that he used to live with the actress Darryl Hannah, and that they broke up. He wrote, sang and played the songs of their breakup on his album, "I'm Alive." I've loved this album for years, but it has become a part of the soundtrack of my life during the past year.

Several of the songs have been great for walking and punching the air, such as the title song. One of the songs, "Sky Blue and Black," is able to bring tears to my eyes, easily. It's really worth a listen. It's full of poetry and heartbreak, confession and longing, acceptance and pain. It's about love, and love gone horribly wrong.

He has written many great songs. He's a fantastic poet. He wrote a couple of songs that Katie and I both liked a lot: "She Must Be Somebody's Baby," which I recall singing loudly in the car with the windows open, and "In the Shape of a Heart," another break-up song. Oh, and Katie and David both like "The Pretender," among others. It was fun to share my favorite "older" artists with them, like Jackson Browne, and James Taylor, who was their first, real, live concert experience...outdoors, on the bluffs overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, one evening in the summer of 2005. A very fine experience indeed.


Smileygirl said...

I LOVE that song She Must Be Somebody's Baby. Haven't heard that in so long. Once my computer is up and running better I'm downloading some JB music. He's so talented and just has a soothing way about him.

Suzanne said...

Great post. I love Jackson Browne too (as well as John Taylor)
I unfortunately read that he was not such a nice guy, JB, that he was abusive to his girl friend....not a good thing.
My InLaws love these guys too, they named their dogs after them:
Choc. lab = Jackson Browne, Black Lab = JT (john taylor) and yellow female lab = Carly (simon)
Cute right?

Suzanne said...

I mean JAMES Taylor. I always do that.....

Amy said...

Jackson Browne...I don't know too much of him...but I will check him out this afternoon! I LOVE James Taylor...I could listen to him every day and never get tired...

I love singing in the car nice and loud...especially with the kids...those are the memories! I remember singing 'A Horse With No Name' with my mom...a cherished memory!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I enjoy his music too.
Love beautiful, soul-filled music.

I'm thankful God gave us humans the ability to create music. I can imagine the music in heaven will be absolutely mind blowing. Looking forward to experiencing it.... one day.


Dreamer girl said...

I will have to check his CD out. I like the punch in the air comment. Please don't laugh but Michael Jackson makes me real move to the beat and I just love U2 "It's a beautiful day".

More importantly, I like that you are "feeling" some music.

P.S. What would be the best way to help out Katie's hospital? The blankets? We always have a Halloween caramel apple sale to do good deeds around Christmas. Let me know what would be the most helpful.

Laurie Keller said...

Good Morning, Karen. Thinking of you and yes, I love Jackson Browne too. Thanks for the love these past weeks. Ron is doing well. xoxo.