Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The "You Make My Day Award"

Suz, over at Busy Bee, gave me an award today. Thank you very much, Suz! You helped to make my day even better. It's almost too much to handle, and it's such fun to receive an award for anything; being a fairly new blogger (less than a year), I am humbled by it beyond what I can tell you (but will not let it go to my head, I promise)!

I am to award this to 10 bloggers who "Make My Day." They have the privilege of awarding it to 10 others...so the joy keeps on spreading. There are several bloggers on my blogroll who deserve it, and have already received this award, so I will choose those who have not yet been recognized (as far as I know). Here are my nominees:

Karla, at A Little Something to Share. I met Karla when we were at Children's Hospital with Katie. Karla's youngest daughter, Samantha, was in treatment for leukemia, and her older daughter, Mandi, was at the Hutch School with David. Samantha is a survivor, Karla is a nurse, and they are all living life in remission.

Sheri, at After His Death. Sheri's oldest son, Joseph, had leukemia and passed away from complications of treatment. She is raising her two younger sons, working, going to school and learning to live in a world without Joseph. Sheri has taught me a great deal in a short time.

Diane, at Contemplative Photographer. Diane's lens, and her take on life, brighten my day on a regular basis. A great friend and writer.

The ladies at Dudley's Diary. These women have saved a life...and he is a beautiful baby! We love DUDLEY! The photos always brighten our days.

Jennifer Stumpf, who is a jewelry artist. Jennifer makes beads, metalwork, and jewelry. She made the most beautiful Rosary for me, which is a wonderful prayer aid and a work of art.

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN, who is bright, funny, warm, loving and an animal advocate. She has a huge heart and a beautiful soul, and has traveled a long way in her life, .

Lynette, of Lynette's Blog, which is an offshoot of Soulimination. Lynette is a photographer who has started a foundation, the purpose of which is to take photographs of people with life-threatening illnesses, and their families. She has a number of photographers who work with her. Their work is a gift to families in the worst situation...and provides a treasure for them to cherish forever.

Karyn of Pretty in the City*. Karyn is a funny, spontaneous, observant, witty city girl, living a life that is really different from mine. I love to tune in to "see how the other half lives!" Plus, she is a published writer! How cool is that?

Susie of Susie Writes! Susie is a warm and adventurous Southern soul who writes and works and sails when she can. Another published writer! She has a loving heart, a colorful outlook, a pair of great, grown-up kids...and an opening available for a suitable sailor/captain. Not just anyone, a SUITABLE one.

SissyBen, of Veritably Bare. SissyBen has lived a real life in her few years...she is a fantastic writer, a devoted wife (of SoldierBoy) and loving, commited mother who has her hands full. Her words and her experiences broaden my horizons and get me thinking.

Congratulations to all of you; you are AWARD-WINNING BLOGGERS!


suz said...

I am Happy to pass this along.
And BTW I do remember the SNL Skit...that was John Belushi's voice in my head when I read your name.....makes me *smile*
PetsiPetstiPetsi...so funny.

Karyn said...

Oh, yay! Thank you! I'm so excited! I will pay this forward tomorrow! :)

LeighAnn said...

That is so nice....you SO deserve it!