Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laundry Therapy

I am sad today, so here is what I am doing about it: I walked this a.m., and now am washing clothes, folding clothes, pinning quilts, washing quilt fabric, ironing quilt fabric and looking up recipes about how to best cook a pork roast. Not necessarily in that order. Also, today my dad made a Costco run, and picked up some food for us. He brought it over, and I made lunch for the two of us; then he went home, before going to read to students at our local elementary school, and I am now back to laundry and quilts. Oh, and I am eating way too many Japanese snack crackers (I think they are called arare). They are sooo good.

I'm not recommending this as therapy for anyone else. I don't even think it's that interesting. This is just what I'm doing today, and so far, it's working.


Smileygirl said...

At least you are so productive. My thoughts are with you...

Karla W. said...

I miss sewing and working out...they've been replaced with school.

I'm sorry you're having a sad day. It's wondeful that you're staying active instead of wallowing.

Having lunch with Dad is always good too...somone who loves you no matter what and who can usually guess what you mood is before you even exchange hellos.

Sending hugs your way, Karla